What Is Live Casino?

Live casino is a type of online gambling that allows players to interact with a real dealer and place wagers. This is different from traditional RNG-based games, where the results are determined by computerised algorithms. Live dealers make the experience feel more authentic and provide a better sense of connection with the gamer, which makes it much more enjoyable.

When a player joins a live casino, they are transported into a live lobby that has multiple live gaming tables. They can then choose which table they want to play, and the dealer will begin dealing cards or spinning the wheel. The live dealer’s action is captured and then transmitted to the players in real time via the internet. The live dealer can also accept physical payments. The results of the game are then displayed in a matter of seconds.

This means that live casinos have no use of random number generators and everything is based on real events, just like in land-based casinos. A dealer will deal the cards, spin the wheel, roll a die or roll a dice, and then a short amount of time later the result of the game is displayed on the players’ screens. This is one of the reasons that many people prefer to play in a live casino rather than an automated digital version.

There are several important factors that a casino should take into account when adding live dealer games to its site. The first is to choose a reputable provider. Choosing a licensed company will ensure that the casino’s website is secure and that it is following state laws. Then, the casino should make sure that its live dealer games are well-optimized for mobile devices. This will prevent users from experiencing lag or other problems that may affect their gameplay.

Another important factor is to find a reliable streaming provider that offers quality video. This is essential for a seamless experience, especially in high-load games that require more processing power. The last thing a casino wants is for the stream to slow down or even stop altogether.

Some providers offer additional services that can help casinos increase their revenue. For example, some provide a specialized chat feature to encourage interaction between the dealers and players. This can be especially helpful when a player has questions or comments. Some providers also offer a variety of betting limits, which can help the casino identify games that are best suited for its players’ bankrolls.

Before playing live casino, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules and bet limits of each game. These will vary from one online casino to the next, and some may be more suited to high rollers than others. It’s also important to consider your platform when deciding on a game, as some games are only available on desktop computers. However, most live dealer games are well-optimized across platforms, so you can enjoy them on the go.