Our quickest answer is that Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is kind of a miracle. That’s why our staff has trained so hard in this art of fixing hail damage, dents, dings, and creases. 

To be more scientific and factual about it, PDR is the method of reshaping bent metal back to its pre-damaged condition, without having to apply filler, sanding it, or painting it.

PDR is a quick, affordable, non-intrusive repair method for dents, creases, hail damage, and auto body damage. It’s environmentally friendly, since we’re not using chemicals, bonding agents, or any new paint. In fact, this state of the art technology repairs dents without affecting your vehicle’s factory paint, helping to restore the value in your vehicle. 

For a dealership, PDR can add value to your resale vehicles, as well.

PDR involves 4 basic steps:

1. Assess the damage to the vehicle. 

This is a general assessment of the severity of the dents/creases/hail damage. Where it is, how large, and if it can be repaired using PDR. In most cases (80-90% of them) it can. This is good news!

2. Figure out the best entry to the damage.

To perform PDR, we need a pathway to the dent. Because of this, typically, PDR requires us to gain access to the backside of the damage. This means we may need to remove tail lights, body panels, and occasionally interior panels. Once we’re in (cue the Mission: Impossible music) it’s time to perform Paintless Dent Repair. This is when our painstaking accuracy, care, and attention come into play.

3. Inspect the damage from gained entry.

This is where it gets a little bit cool. We have a special light board that helps our technician get a better vantage of the dent. This light board shows a shadow of the dent, which helps guide the technician to exactly where to put his or her tools on the back end of the dent. 

4. Apply even, carefully selected pressure to work out the dent.

From there, the technician will use specialized tools to sort of massage and pinpoint the dent back to its original condition. (TLC really is a thing, even for cars.) This requires talent and care, and a great eye for detail. You really want someone who knows what they’re doing here, otherwise, they can cause small holes in the metal, or “pimples.”

Depending on the severity, PDR can be finished as a same-day service. And in the end, the results are really incredible, and with so much less time or money invested than other, traditional repairs.

Still curious? See PDR in action below. (4 minute video...it works pretty well to play it at 2x speed)

NOTE: To all you DIYers, we see you. PDR is not the same thing as using a hair dryer and dry ice on your vehicle. Watch the video to see.

Paintless Dent Repair Asheville, NC