What Is Paintless Dent and Ding RepairNo matter how careful you are about your vehicle, if you’re leaving your driveway with it, the chances of a dent or ding are high. Thousands of Asheville residents report dents and dings to their vehicles every year, and hundreds more of these tiny accidents are left unreported. Paintless dent and ding repair can be the answer. What is paintless dent and ding repair? It’s the single best way to get your car fixed inexpensively and quickly!

Unfolding the Paintless Dent and Ding Repair Process

If you’re asking yourself about how paintless dent and ding repair works, you probably want to take a closer look at the process. It’s a fairly simple technique that will have your vehicle in and out of your shop on the same day in most cases. 

Step 1: Our technicians will evaluate your dent or ding carefully to make sure the location and size can actually be repaired with this technique. 

Step 2: We’ll access the dent from the back, and using a special light board, decide exactly how to get the dent out of the body panel.

Step 3: Using specialized tools, we’ll massage the dent out from the back. Using care and precision, we’ll slowly eliminate it, leaving the surface absolutely untouched. 

Once the dent is repaired, we put the panel back on the car and give you a call. It really is that easy. 

Get Your Car Fixed Now!

Ready to have those dents and dings taken out of your vehicle? Give us a call today to make an appointment. We’ll assess the damage and give you a free estimate so you know exactly how much it’s going to cost and how soon you could get your vehicle back. If you’re ready to make your car look great again, we can help. Set up your appointment now