Salt and Brine on your Vehicle Asheville NCAsheville is considered a good-weather city. Even though it is situated as a southern latitude, there is not a city on the East Coast of its size with higher elevation than Asheville. That means that residents of western North Carolina benefit from significantly cooler summers than nearby Charlotte, Raleigh, or Greenville. At the same time, being in the south means milder winters with temperatures only dipping below freezing seventy times per year.

Though winters are not nearly as snowy and icy as northern cities, it does snow about ten inches each year in downtown Asheville. Many residents enjoy the opportunity to take pictures and go sledding; however, the downside is that roads are treated with salt and brine. Road treatments can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Salt and Brine on your Vehicle Asheville NC

Rust might as well be a four-letter word as far as your car is concerned. Once it sets in, it can create the kind of issues that can send your beloved automobile to the junkyard. Here’s how salt and brine contribute to that process:

  • You get a dent or ding in the parking lot
  • Buncombe and Henderson County officials treat the roads with salt and brine
  • It snows, or rains or ice falls from the sky
  • You drive on the wet, treated roads, kicking salt and brine onto those dents and dings
  • The salt initiates rust before you know it

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