Fall Auto Body Dent and Ding Maintenance Asheville, NCThe Asheville area has become increasingly famous throughout the southeast and nation as a destination. It has long been a destination for adventure enthusiasts. With thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, dozens of camping areas, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, fishing, and wildlife viewing, people come from all over to enjoy the natural wonders here in western North Carolina. We have a tremendously beautiful fall season with months of changing colors from the highest elevations down into the valleys. The Blue Ridge Parkway winds through the best of the colorful forests, providing vast views and wide-open vistas. 

Our area is not just a destination for adventure tourists. It is a place beloved by those who enjoy excellent food and craft beverages, as well as art and entertainment. In the last two decades, our area has also attracted hundreds of new businesses in every industry. From technology to manufacturing Asheville is becoming an economic power in the southeast. Thousands of residents have moved into the area for the man employment and economic opportunities. 

All of this growth has been great for our area; however, there are a few small downsides. The increased traffic on the roads and in parking lots can be challenging for residents and tourists to navigate. That traffic is also hard on our vehicles. Dents and dings are increasingly common throughout western North Carolina. Here’s what you need to know about auto body damage. 

Fall Auto Body Dent and Ding Maintenance Asheville, NC

With so many new residents and tourists, dents and dings can occur from a variety of causes in western North Carolina. Some of those include:

  • Damage incurred at busy parking areas near popular fall leaf sighting destinations
  • Dents and dings from falling acorns and tree nuts
  • Wind-driven tree limb damage from passing tropical systems and cold fronts
  • Early season ice storms breaking tree limbs and causing fender benders
  • Parking lot door dings during holiday shopping trips
  • Dents and dings caused by rogue shopping carts at the grocery store
  • Traffic grinding to a halt, leading to fender benders on the highway

Dents and dings are part of life here in western North Carolina. When they occur, you need to have your body maintained as soon as possible. Whether you are visiting for the fall season or you are a long-time resident of the area, DentFX provides fast dent and ding repair that comes to you. Contact us for your dent and ding repair needs today