ding repair asheville ncAsheville, North Carolina is becoming one of the most popular destinations to which to relate for people seeking new employment opportunities and a change of scenery. In addition to a growing economy and incredible food scene, Asheville has access to every outdoor activity you can imagine, from rock climbing and hiking to whitewater rafting and mountain biking. Car-lovers enjoy western North Carolina for its winding mountain roads and access to some of the best views on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

With all the wonder of the Asheville area, car owners must also deal with the inconvenience of dents and dings ruining their cars’ appearance. If you have a car and care about its aesthetics and resale value, you need to know who you can trust to quickly and effectively remove dings from your vehicle’s body. The DentFX employs paintless dent and ding removal techniques to make sure your car is looking its best when carrying you to work or on a cruise along the Parkway.

Ding Removal Asheville NC

If you live in western North Carolina for even a little while, you can expect to experience packed parking lots and adverse weather that will lead to dings on your vehicle. Causes for dents and dings include:

  • Thunderstorm Hail
  • Ice Storms downing Limbs
  • Falling Ice sickles
  • Shopping Carts
  • Car Doors
  • Children’s Toys
  • Renegade Rocks

Regardless of what caused the damage, dents and dings can be removed without taking your car to the body shop. The DentFX offers free estimates and we will come to you to remove dings from your vehicle’s service. We employ paintless dent and ding removal techniques to ensure your vehicle looks like new after the repair is complete. The DentFX will work with your insurance company as well. Give us a call for your dent and ding removal needs.