Whatever the circumstances that led up to it, being involved in an accident is frightening. The average driver will have three to four accidents in their lifetimes. Your safety and wellbeing is the top priority - but as practical people, we all think about our vehicles. Are they road-worthy? How will I repair the damage? What about insurance. If you are in an accident in Asheville, here are some steps to follow to ensure you are protected both physically and financially. 

Want to do something nice for your vehicle? After all, it’s the machine that gets you to work, to visit family and friends, to your kids’ football games, and from Point A to Point B safely and reliably. It deserves a little treat. Luckily, we know just what it wants: paintless dent and ding repair.  No matter how much you baby your vehicle, it’s bound to suffer a dent, ding, scratch, or scuff at some point. A simple trip to the grocery store can put your paint job in harm’s way: runaway shopping carts are enemy number one - closely followed by bad drivers! No matter how your vehicle gets them, it’s important to get dings and dents fixed as soon as possible. This is true even of minor damage. Sure, at first it’s not much more than a blemish, but it can turn into a big (and expensive) problem…

We all know winter driving can be hazardous. There's more than ice and snow out there. To make conditions safer, road workers salt the roads. This helps melt snow and improve traction for your vehicle. It comes with a cost on your car, though.

Many people fall into a certain trap. They think they're saving money by doing a job themselves. They're not paying for experts. There's a do-it-yourself guide that makes it sound easy. Why shouldn't they try it? Yet the result doesn't measure up. The little bit of money they saved doesn't match the amount of value they've just ruined. The DIY job ends up costing more in the end. The same holds true for many budget options, and you should always choose a professional car painting service when it comes to painting your car.