How Does Extreme Heat Affect My Car? 

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 16:50
When the mercury soars in North Carolina, many of us get into our cars, crank the AC, and head to the beach, to the mountains, or on a road trip to beat the heat. Summer typically means freedom and fun, but high temperatures can be hard on us. Remember, though, that extreme heat can also be hard on your vehicle. How can you prepare, keep your car in top shape, and, most importantly, stay safe? Read on for a few tips from the experts. 

Maybe you live off the beaten path. You enjoy some solitude and that means not everything is paved. Or maybe there's a get-away you love that offers this or you just like to explore. In any case, you may be driving your vehicle on dirt roads frequently. Maybe you even do some off-roading! How bad are dirt roads for a vehicle? Will they wear things down or require more maintenance?

How to Avoid Hail Damage in Asheville

Tuesday, 28 July 2020 16:48
Spring and summer are a marvelous time to enjoy life in Asheville. From the mild temperatures that are not as hot as our neighbors in the foothills and piedmont to the big spectacular color display from wildflowers other blooming trees and native plants. It is the right time of year to hop in your car and take a long drive along curvy mountain roads or the Blue Ridge Parkway. Within a few minutes of Asheville, you can find thousands of miles of hiking trails, hundreds of waterfalls, beautiful vistas, 360-degree views, and everything that makes our area special. There are, however, dangers to driving this time of year. One of those potential hazards is large hail accompanying a heavy thunderstorm. Hail can seem to develop in a hurry and do a lot of damage to your vehicle. In this post, we want to help drivers in western North Carolina avoid…

Dangerous Intersections in Greenville, SC

Thursday, 09 January 2020 11:33
There is much to love about our beautiful state, from the gorgeous coastline to the soaring mountains to the vibrant communities. But it is also the third deadliest state for drivers, and this is certainly a distinction that we do not want. While you cannot always avoid accidents - some are just that… accidents - there is much you can do to decrease your risk and stay safe on the road. This includes exercising extra caution at the most dangerous intersections in Greenville, SC.