Thousands upon thousands of tourists drive to our area to experience the array of fall colors here in the mountains. Asheville is a great base from which to travel throughout the southern Appalachians. Here at The DentFX, we enjoy taking full advantage of living in the area, to travel along the parkway and other roads during the week, when it is not so busy. Whether you are a lucky Asheville resident, or traveler, here are six drives to take from downtown Asheville.

As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, all eyes are on the Keys and Miami area for a major, destructive impact. In the Asheville and Greenville areas, we are also watching for tropical rain and wind to potentially cause damage as the weakening storm moves north. At The DentFX, we want to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for the storm.

Asheville is famous for its outdoor scene, with hundreds of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, white water rafting and tubing, and incredible mountain views. As summer draws to an end, we have compiled a short list of five great drives to take while the leaves remain on the trees and everything is still green:

During summer, it can seem like storms pop up out of nowhere, which can be particularly scary for drivers on the road when they occur. However, with proper preparations in place, drivers can avoid being caught off-guard by the ever-changing weather of western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina.