The Facts on Paintless Dent Repair

Monday, 04 June 2018 17:07
You come out from the market and begin to load the groceries into the trunk. Suddenly, you notice a huge dent in your car. A shopping cart has clearly attacked your vehicle without provocation, and the evidence is glaring at you - a dent that’s going to be tough (and expensive) to get out, right? Wrong. With paintless dent repair, dings and blemishes caused by anything from minor accidents to hail to gravel on the road could be gone in a matter of minutes.

From runaway carts at the grocery store and parking lot scrapes to hail storms, dents and dings happen when you own a car or truck. There's just no way to avoid it, short of swaddling your beauty in bubble wrap and storing it in a garage. When you do find a blemish, repairing it is essential. Why? Well, it’ll help prevent rust and corrosion from taking over, improve the look of your vehicle - and help you retain maximum resale value. If you’re thinking about trading your ride in or selling it, those dents and dings are really going to matter.

Ten Great Spring Drives in Asheville NC

Sunday, 04 March 2018 13:35
Spring seems to be arriving early in Asheville, NC. Though we will see a brief dip of the thermometer through the end of the week, western North Carolinians are welcoming the arrival of spring colors and warmth.

Christmas is drawing near, but it is not too late to pick up a last-minute Christmas gift for the car-lover in your life. In our previous article, we discussed the first five of eleven gift ideas for car-people, including: