Hail damage to your vehicle can be an extremely frustrating situation. How can you protect your car from a hail storm? There are different solutions based on whether you're already on the road or your car is sitting in your driveway. Is a professional dent repair company the best solution if your car is damaged, and does insurance cover hail damage? You have lots of questions, so let’s get to some answers.

Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Sunday, 28 April 2019 15:59
Spring has sprung. Winter is a cold memory as you think of sun and fun - but your car remembers! Now is the time to perfect time to erase the toll that cold weather driving takes on your vehicle (ice, snow, rain, salt, sand…) and get your ride in top shape for all of your summer trips to work, to run errands, and to hit the beach, trails, and other great Asheville destinations that shine bright when the mercury rises. Here are some easy spring car maintenance tips:

We all know how treacherous and dangerous winter driving conditions can be. Roads we cruise along in confidence the rest of the year become icy, snowy, rainy obstacle courses. Whether you can’t avoid venturing out in extreme weather or a storm pops up unexpectedly, it’s important to be prepared. Here are 10 essential items you should keep in your car to make it through the winter - and get to your destination safely even if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

Ice storms can do a number on vehicles. The combination of snow, sleet, rain, wind, melting, and refreezing can make your car an impenetrable object: try opening a door or window with ice buildup - not to mention the time it takes to clear the windshield! Ice storms can also damage how your car runs. Most of this damage can be avoided by taking care of your car in some pretty easy ways. The other half of this is avoiding certain “quick fixes” that can cause expensive damage.