Nine Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Summer Part 2

Saturday, 27 May 2017 08:40

Driving Mountain

Driving in the foothills and mountains of North and South Carolina can be hard work for your car. In our previous blog, we discussed the first four of nine tips for maintaining your car, especially in the warm spring and summer months. The first four tips included: 

  1. Regularly Change Your Car’s Oil
  2. Repair Dents and Dings As Soon as Possible
  3. Check Your Vehicle for Leaking Fluid
  4. Replace Your Windshield Wipers

In this article, we will finish our list, with the remaining five tips for vehicle maintenance, to keep your car running smoothly during spring and summer.

5) Repair Windshield Chips and Cracks

Whether from hail, changing temperatures, road debris, or careless child’s play, your vehicle’s windshield is likely to develop a chip or crack at some point in its lifetouime. Often, drivers find that small chips will remain the same size for a while, then suddenly develop into wide cracks. To avoid expanding windshield damage, have cracks and chips repaired quickly.

6) Have Your Transmission Serviced

Climbing and descending large hills and mountains can take a toll on your vehicle’s transmission. Having it regularly serviced, and fluid changed and topped off, is the best thing you can do to make sure your car effectively changes gears when driving in the challenging Asheville terrain.

Driving Rain

7) Replace Worn Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses in your vehicle’s engine play an important role in making sure you stay moving on the highway. If you notice an unusual squeak or squeal, or your vehicle idles roughly, it could be indicative of a failing belt or hose. To make sure your vehicle runs smoothly, and doesn’t leave you stranded, have worn belts replaced as soon as you find them.

8) Wash Your Car

Pollen, oil, road debris, and bugs will collect on your car’s exterior; therefore, it is important to regularly wash your car. If left untreated and unwashed, your paint could be damaged and rust can form. Similarly, it is important to have dents and dings repaired as soon as they occur. The DentFX performs paintless dent and ding removal where you are. Call us today, for a free estimate.

9) Rotate or Replace Tires

The only part of your vehicle that actually makes contact with the road, tires are as important as any automobile component. You do not want to enter the heat of summer with exceptionally worn tires. Furthermore, you will maximize the longevity and effectiveness of your tires by having them regularly rotated and balanced.