Treat Your Vehicle to Paintless Dent and Ding Repair 

Treat Your Vehicle to Paintless Dent and Ding Repair 

Monday, 30 December 2019 13:38

Want to do something nice for your vehicle? After all, it’s the machine that gets you to work, to visit family and friends, to your kids’ football games, and from Point A to Point B safely and reliably. It deserves a little treat. Luckily, we know just what it wants: paintless dent and ding repair. 

No matter how much you baby your vehicle, it’s bound to suffer a dent, ding, scratch, or scuff at some point. A simple trip to the grocery store can put your paint job in harm’s way: runaway shopping carts are enemy number one - closely followed by bad drivers! No matter how your vehicle gets them, it’s important to get dings and dents fixed as soon as possible. This is true even of minor damage. Sure, at first it’s not much more than a blemish, but it can turn into a big (and expensive) problem down the road.


Treat Your Vehicle to Paintless Dent and Ding Repair

Treating your vehicle to paintless dent and ding repair can save you money and, more importantly, help keep you, your family, and those on the road safer. It:

  1. Helps You Avoid Rust Problems

If a ding or dent was simply cosmetic, many of us would be tempted to just leave it, particularly if it’s an older car. But the problem is that the majority of dents damage the paint. This allows water to creep in and get into contact with the unprotected, unfinished metal beneath the paint and clear coat. Moisture causes metal to oxidizes, and this leads to rust. Once you have visible rust, you have a big problem. It spreads, and it can affect not only the appearance of your vehicle but its performance and safety as well. Nip rust problems in the bud with paintless dent repair. 

  1. Saves You From an Unsightly (Unsafe) Mess

Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, paint damage is easy to understand. In short: it will get worse. There’s no other option! Rain, snow, ice, dirt, grit, everyday wear and tear, and other forces can turn one small spot of damage into a growing cracking, flaking, peeling mess. Eventually, the bare metal is exposed, and this is when you start having rust issues. Get that paint taken care of, and avoid all this hassle! 

  1. Helps Retain Resale Value 

Your car may run like a top, but if it looks like it went a few too many rounds in the demo derby, most buyers will move on. Even small dents and dings can significantly lower your resale value. Potential buyers think, “Hmmm… if they let rust take over, what else did they neglect?” If you repair dents and dings, you can ask for (and get!) a higher price. 

  1. Is Cheaper Now Than It Will Be Later

Why put off until tomorrow a task you can do today? And why pay more tomorrow than you would today? Paintless dent and ding repair costs less if you attack the problem as soon as you can. The more the paint degrades (and the more rust starts to appear and spread), the more expensive it will be to repair. 

  1. Enhances Safety 

Dings and dents can cause significant structural damage that may not be visible. Let’s say, for example, that you are in an accident in which another driver hits your quarter panel. The plastic outer coating may look ok, but the underlying metal could have been bent. This can lead to serious safety issues. 

Also, as mentioned, rust spreads quickly. It can attack the underside of your vehicle, impacting exhaust and braking systems, among other vital functions. 

The DentFX team knows what your vehicle wants! Contact us today to schedule your appointment for paintless dent and ding repair. We’re responsive, fast, professional, and thorough. Say good-bye to damage… though we don’t think you’ll miss it!