Ten Tips for Dealing with Summer Storms Part 2

Friday, 30 June 2017 07:20

storm clouds

During summer, it can seem like storms pop up out of nowhere, which can be particularly scary for drivers on the road when they occur. However, with proper preparations in place, drivers can avoid being caught off-guard by the ever-changing weather of western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina.


In our previous article, we began our list of ten tips for navigating summer thunderstorms:

  1. Know the Difference Between Watches and Warnings
  2. Know on What Days to Be "Weather-Aware"
  3. How to Deal with Storm Damage
  4. Turn Around, Don't Drown

In this post, we will continue our list will we will continue our list with tips five through ten for safely dealing with summer storms.

5) Turn Your Lights on When It's Raining

In the Carolinas, state laws require drivers to turn on their headlights when their windshield wipers are engaged. In the rain, when every second counts, turning on your headlights and taillights significantly improves your vehicle’s visibility to other drivers.

6) Have Your Tires Rotated and Balanced

Your vehicle’s maintenance will have a significant impact on how it handles in heavy summer rainfall. To ensure your car’s tires perform well in the rain, have your tires regularly rotated and balances as of as the manufacturer recommends. If your tire tread is dangerously low, your mechanic will be able to recognize it and recommend replacement.

7) Make Sure Your Brakes are Well-Maintained

Wet roads increase your vehicle’s stopping distance by 33% to 40%. This does not account for the condition of your car’s tires and brakes. Before you get caught in heavy rain, make sure you or your mechanic examine your brakes:

  • Brakes should not be squeaking
  • Brake pads should not be too thin
  • Brake fluid should be filled to manufacturer specifications
  • Brake lines should not be leaking

storm hail

8) Park Your Car in the Garage or Carport

If storms are predicted during the overnight hours, you may avoid a lot of headaches by parking your car underneath shelter. If your vehicle is damaged by hail or falling debris like limbs, shingles, and loose furniture blown around by the wind, our paintless dent and ding removal services can makes your vehicle look new.

9) Watch for Landslides and Falling Rocks

In the Asheville area, you have probably seen the signs that say, “Watch for Falling Rocks.” Landslides are an ever-present danger, especially during the torrential downpours that occur during moisture laden summer storms. If possible, avoid landslide prone areas when heavy rains are imminent.

10) Seek Shelter for Hail

Hail can damage your vehicle’s exterior. If you hear that a storm with hail is imminent, try to park underneath a gas station or bank drive thru overhang and wait for the hail to stop falling. It is not always possible to avoid hail and storm damage. If your vehicle has dents or dings, contact us.