Have Dent-Related Questions? DentFX Has Your Answers

Have Dent-Related Questions? DentFX Has Your Answers

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 15:23

Sometimes it feels like our vehicles are dent magnets! Everything from hail to runaway shopping carts can ding, crease, and damage the exterior. How do you repair them? What’s the easiest, most cost-effective way to do it? We know you have a lot of questions - and we have the answers!

Q: Dents are just cosmetic, right? Why should I bother to remove them?

A: Well, it’s true: dings and dents are cosmetic - at least at first. And this is an important consideration. If you want to sell your car, these flaws will greatly impact the price you’re able to get either through a trade-in or private sale.

But dents are more than skin deep, so to speak. They can affect the paint sealant on your car, which puts it at risk for rust. As you know, once you get a spot of rust, it spreads quickly.

Again, it’ll reduce the price you can ask when selling, but it can also cause significant damage. For example, rust can eat through your door panels and undercarriage. It will not be inspectable, and it will be dangerous to drive.

Removing dents before they have the chance to affect your paint and cause corrosion is crucial. A dent is much easier to eliminate than rust - and much less costly.

Q: What is paintless dent repair?

A: Typical dent repair uses fillers, paint, and lots of labor hours! Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is different. Trained technicians use specialized tools to “massage” the dent back into place. This is often done from inside the dent itself. There’s no paint, no filler, and, you guessed it, not as many expensive labor hours.

Q: Can PDR fix my dent?

A: It depends! PDR can repair most dings and dents. However, if there is damage to the paint or extensive damage to the metal, you may need more extensive bodywork. Find a PDR service provider that offers free estimates so you’ll know if this method is right for you.

Q: How long is this going to take?

A: If you go to a body shop for dent repair, prepare to wait. It can take days, especially if there is hail damage. With PDR, you can find specialists who deliver same-day service for most jobs. You can get your vehicle back quickly and go on about your life!

Q: How much is a dent repair going to cost me?

A: Good question. A body shop charges $40 - $60 (or more) per hour, plus the cost of supplies and materials. A small dent can put a big dent in your wallet. PDR is faster, requires no paint or filler, and is less expensive. A free estimate will let you know what you can expect, given the size and location of your dent(s).

Q: Can I just do it myself?

A: DIY dent repair seems like it’d be a quick and easy job. Remember that PDR requires both specialized tools and specialized knowledge. You may not get the results you want - and you can even make it worse.

If you had a dent in your wheel well, for example, you risk using too much pressure and pushing the metal out too far. That little dent becomes a big, noticeable problem. And you’ll probably want to go to the body shop to get it repaired. You can save time, money, and hassle by skipping all this and going straight to PDR by the pros.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact DentFX’s expert team for a free estimate. Don’t let dings and dents slow you down.