Dent Repair (PDR) is Important to Ensure Resale Value

Dent Repair (PDR) is Important to Ensure Resale Value

Thursday, 10 May 2018 16:54

From runaway carts at the grocery store and parking lot scrapes to hail storms, dents and dings happen when you own a car or truck. There's just no way to avoid it, short of swaddling your beauty in bubble wrap and storing it in a garage. When you do find a blemish, repairing it is essential. Why? Well, it’ll help prevent rust and corrosion from taking over, improve the look of your vehicle - and help you retain maximum resale value.

If you’re thinking about trading your ride in or selling it, those dents and dings are really going to matter.


The Lowdown on Resale Value

The trade-in or sale value of your vehicle is determined by a number of different factors. The overall number of miles you've driven matters quite a bit, for example. Buyers tend to look for cars with lower mileage numbers. Another priority is mechanical upkeep. The harder a car has been driven, the more issues it's probably experienced. No one wants to end up with a lemon. This is why evidence of regular maintenance looks good to a potential buyer.

The interior condition of your car is important too. If you smoke, eat, or try to juggle your morning coffee in your car, a potential buyer is going to notice. Trash, crumbs, ash, and other debris can all build up in your vehicle, leaving behind an unattractive mess and severe staining that’ll turn buyers off - or at least give them ammo for talking the price down.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors in the sale of your car, though, will come from its exterior condition. While a small dent may not be a big deal to you, it will be to the person who evaluates your vehicle. Even one or two small dents and dings could mean your car is deemed in poor condition instead of good or fair.

PDR is the Way to Go

While only you can control how often you have your engine serviced and whether or not you eat and drink in your car, the one thing you often can't control is those dents and dings. What you can do, though, is make sure they are repaired as soon as possible. In most cases, and for most flaws, paintless dent repair (PDR) is the best option.

Many people are unfamiliar with this concept. Standard body work involves grinding the problem areas, filling them in with the right filler product, then priming the surface. After that, your vehicle gets a bit of new paint. While this can look great for some time, the results don't last forever. In fact, some people who have paid for an expensive body shop repair find filler and paint shrinkage less than a year later, and that means you're in the same boat - decreased vehicle value.

PDR, though, means paying typically less than a third of the cost of traditional body work. You'll also spend a lot less time waiting for your vehicle to return to you. Often a PDR can be performed in less than an hour.

Wondering how it works? A technician takes a closer look at the dent in your vehicle to ensure it's right for the PDR process. Dents that involve extensive paint damage or are just too large often require a trip to the body shop.

Once the tech determines that PDR is the right way forward, the necessary body panels will be removed to help the technician better access the area. From there, it's just a matter of time. Using a specialized set of tools, the technician meticulously massages the dent out of the vehicle, working to make sure it's completely unnoticeable. Within an hour or so, you have a vehicle that looks as good as new.

Is It Worth It?

If you're considering getting those dents repaired, but you're not sure it's worth it, take a closer look at what your car in amazing condition might be worth. If it's going to get you several hundreds or even thousand of dollars more for your trade-in or sale, it's certainly time to book an appointment with us. We'll help you make sure your car looks great before you get ready to part ways with it.

We offer free estimates every day, so give us a call to book an appointment and find out how little it takes to make your car look fantastic.