Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Sunday, 28 April 2019 15:59

Spring has sprung. Winter is a cold memory as you think of sun and fun - but your car remembers! Now is the time to perfect time to erase the toll that cold weather driving takes on your vehicle (ice, snow, rain, salt, sand…) and get your ride in top shape for all of your summer trips to work, to run errands, and to hit the beach, trails, and other great Asheville destinations that shine bright when the mercury rises.

Here are some easy spring car maintenance tips:


Pay Attention to the Exterior

For your vehicle’s exterior, make sure you:

  • Check your wiper blades. A relatively inexpensive part, wiper blades are critical in maintaining visibility. Replace them every six months or if you see cracking, tearing, streaking, or cuts in the blades.
  • Grab a penny and inspect your tires. You need sufficient tread to ensure maximum traction, grip, and safety. Take a penny and insert it into the tire’s tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tire is worn and should be replaced. While you’re at it, look for uneven wear, bulges, and bald spots - you may need an alignment - and make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended level.
  • Wash and wax ‘er. Use an auto cleanser to give your car a good top to bottom washing. Start with the tires and wheels, change your mitt or rags, and then hit the body. After you’re done, make sure there’s no debris (e.g. dust, dirt, grit) on the paint and wax. This will help protect your finish and make your next wash easier and faster.
  • Act fast if you spot paint damage. See some mars, dents, or dings? Ice storms, hail, and winter weather can wreak havoc on your exterior. If you see spots where your paint has been damaged, call us immediately. Leaving it can result in rust spreading over your exterior and even rotting away at the undercarriage.

Get Under the Hood

Make sure all systems are go:

  • Change your oil. Make your vehicle happy, and ensure it operates at optimal efficiency, by completing this routine maintenance task. New season, new oil!
  • Check your fluids. Top off your oil, windshield wash, power steering, brake, and transmission fluids, as well as your antifreeze/coolant (this last should be flushed about every two years).
  • Stop in for a tune-up. Your mechanic should check your battery, mechanical, powertrain, fuel, ignition, hoses, belts, and other systems to ensure your vehicle is ready for the road.

Don’t Forget to Look Under Your Car

  • Check your brakes, linings, rotors, and drums.
  • Check your shocks/struts for leaking, dents, and/or rusting. If you notice rolling or swaying while you’re driving or changes in behavior (e.g. your car is lower in the front or rear, you bounce or slide sideways on rough roads, etc.) get them replaced.
  • Look for leaks. You don’t want to see puddles under your vehicle! Identify the fluid that’s leaking and take it in for repair ASAP.

We’re all ready for spring - but is your car? Run through this checklist to make sure. For paintless ding and dent repairs to your vehicle, contact DentFX.