Avoiding Dents and Dings While Traveling for the HolidaysThe holidays are a special time of year. They are a season of reconnecting with friends and family, being thankful for the important things in life, and celebrating those who matter most. This time is especially important when times are difficult. After experiencing a global pandemic in 2020, people are eager to visit family as safe as possible. In addition to practicing proper social distancing and other preventative measures, it is vital to make sure you travel as safely as possible with your vehicle. Here are a few tips for traveling safely and preventing auto body damage if possible. 

Avoiding Dents and Dings While Traveling for the Holidays

There are several steps you can take to help prevent auto body dents and dings during holiday travel:

  • Don’t travel on busy travel days: Avoid traveling on days when the roads are the busiest such as the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and Christmas Eve. 
  • Do Not Drive on the Busiest Roads: Interstates 40 and 26, as well as I-240, are always busy. During the holidays, these roads can be quite crowded any day, so they can come to a complete standstill, setting you up for fender-benders.
  • Do Not Shop in Busy Shopping Centers on Busy Days: Places like the Asheville Outlets, Biltmore Square, and Asheville Mall are hotspots for swinging doors and rogue shopping carts. Avoid them on Saturdays, Black Friday, and other busy times. 
  • Utilize GPS Guidance: You may know where you’re going, but GPS guidance can help avoid traffic snags. 
  • Maintain Your Vehicle: Practice proper vehicle maintenance to avoid breaking down while traveling. Make sure you change your oil, rotate your tires, service your brakes, and tend to your vehicle’s needs. Being stopped is always more dangerous than moving on the interstate.

Here’s the thing. You can do everything correctly and still find your vehicle damaged by holiday travel. You may get hit by a vehicle or shopping car in a parking lot. You may find yourself in a fender-bender as traffic stacks up on a busy stretch of road. Your car may be damaged by one of those precious new holiday gifts like a bicycle, electric toy car, or bat and ball. Whether you call Asheville home, or you are in town visiting friends and family, DentFX is here to help. Contact us for paintless dent and ding repair. We come to you to repair minor body damage quickly, so you can enjoy your holiday season.