Hail is awesome, isn’t it? It’s thrilling to see it start falling out of the sky and bounce around like nothing else does. It’s hard not to feel a childlike thrill when you see it wildly coming down. Soon after that thrill follows the dread most folks feel when they realize… that same hail is bouncing up and down on my vehicle!

First, if you have significant hail damage, report it to your insurance carrier sooner rather than later. When hail damage happens, it happens to a lot of people all at once. It’ll save you time and hassle to get to the front of the line from the get-go. 

Second, when you go in for an estimate, make sure your car is clean, so that the estimator can get an accurate picture of the damage incurred.

Next, there are a couple of different ways hail damage can be handled. 

1. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

This is the cheapest, fastest option. This process painstakingly pushes dents out without causing damage to the factory finish. If there’s a way to fix your hail damage through PDR with a trusted source, do it. 

TIP: Use an experienced provider! Someone who is untrained can cause holes in the metal (referred to as “pimples”) if they don’t know what they’re doing.

2. Using filler (such as bondo), sanding it down, then repainting.

Don’t let hail ruin how you feel about your car, or open it up to rusting. Contact us to set up a free estimate, where we’ll assess the quantity and severity of the dents on the roof and panels and provide a clear plan of action. 

Tough to get away? We can come to you for repairs! Contact us today for an estimate!