After being in an accident, it’s really easy to see damage to your vehicle and feel like it’s a really big deal. It can seem like entire panels may need to be replaced, doors, or even that from now on you may have to drive a dented vehicle.

Although Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) cannot fix all dents, it can for about 80-90% of them. It’s worth checking to see if this option is available for your particular damage. PDR is usually about 50% cheaper than traditional methods of repair, or more. 

Fixing auto body dent damage soon after it occurs can extend the life of your vehicle, the looks, and of course, the resale value. By fixing damage soon after it happens, you remove the risk of those damaged areas opening up to rust, which causes all kinds of problems down the road (literally and figuratively).

We can easily assess your vehicle to see if it qualifies for PDR, or if it will need more extensive repairs. We can even come to you!

Give us a call to schedule an assessment of your auto body dent damage.